Energy optimization with storage

The advent of commercially viable energy storage has resulted in the ability to significantly optimize energy generation and consumption. AmpereHour’s solutions have been used across the power value chain - from generation to distribution, behind the meter and off-grid - to optimize energy costs, maximize renewable generation, reduce dependency on diesel, generate predictable renewable power and much more. Energy storage is also fast becoming an integral part of the electric vehicle infrastructure to enable fast charging from a wide variety of locations.

Modular, scalable Systems

AmpereHour provides state-of-the-art, plug-and-play Li-ion based energy storage systems in various configurations from a few kWh to a few MWh. These systems can be used on grid or off grid across a variety of applications such as diesel abatement, demand charge reduction, hybrid mini-grids etc.

Our systems are thoroughly tested in the most demanding storage applications, giving you a solution that works seamlessly and allows you to focus on your core business.

Energy management platform

Our energy management platform, ELINA, allows you to remotely monitor and control your storage and mini-grid assets at all times. Our REST API based data and commands framework also provides easy integration with any platform of your choice. Our storage and mini-grid solutions come pre-built with several state of the art algorithms and also the capability to quickly develop custom algorithms for your application.

Energy Storage applications

As battery prices fall, renewable energy penetration increases and grid / diesel prices go up, it is becoming increasingly commercially viable to add storage to your energy solutions for reliable, consistent power. Energy storage, both combined with PV, wind or standalone, can help you optimize your energy costs, mitigate losses from grid outages, reduce ever-increasing diesel bills and minimize high demand charges. If you are a solar EPC or developer looking to venture into energy storage, please reach out to us.

Integration services

For IPPs, battery manufacturers or large EPCs, we also provide custom ESS integration services. This allows you to have full control over the battery and/or PCS procurement while AmpereHour manages the entire system integration along with the energy management software to make the ESS compliant with global standards.


Diesel abatement

Reduce diesel usage and improve resilience to outages with energy storage

RE integrated Mini-grids

Create mini-grids integrated with PV, storage, the grid and more to optimize your energy mix.

Energy Bill optimization

Use new age energy storage to replace your UPS and optimize your energy bills at the same time.

EV Fast Charging

Utilize energy storage to create fast charging infra without any grid upgrades.


Case Study

Rehatyakheda - MEDA

Amperehour provided an end-to-end hybrid (PV + ESS) minigrid solution for the village of Rehatyakheda, approximately 70 km from Amravati, the nearest town.

Case Study

Kurnool EMS

AHE provided the ELINA-Edge and ELINA-Server EMS solutions for a leading independent power producer’s first Indian energy storage project.

Case Study

Adoni EMS

Amperehour provided a combined ELINA-Edge and ELINA-Server EMS solution for a leading independent power producer’s first Indian energy storage project.

Case Study

Delhi DT-ESS

Coming Soon.

Case Study

Bikaner ESS

Coming Soon.

Case Study

Mehboobnagar ESS

Coming Soon.

Case Study

TPRMG - Rural Minigrid EMS

Coming Soon.

Case Study


Coming Soon.

White Paper

Intelligent Energy Storage


What is Mini-Grid ?

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