Use new age energy storage to replace your UPS and optimize your energy bills at the same time

Ah-Stack can be installed standalone to serve as a UPS system to increase resilience to grid outages. But unlike traditional UPS systems, Ah-Stack can be programmed to optimize your electricity bills by minimizing time-of-use surcharges, reducing demand charges and improving power factor for reduced kVAh billing.

Our modular ESS stack allows you to configure your standalone energy storage system in multiples of 25kVA power and multiples of 91kWh or 250kWh of energy storage capacity. Contact our team to determine the best ESS size for your requirements.

Our ESS stacks are factory fitted and tested, making them truly plug-and-play. They also come in-built with a state of the art control system and monitoring platform which requires zero manual inputs for daily operation and ensures that you are always aware of the status and health of your system.

Advantages of Ah-Stack:

  • Long life Li-ion batteries.
  • Demand charge reduction by peak load shaving.
  • PF improvement by automated reactive power injection.
  • Time of use arbitrage capability.
  • Systems ready for Ancillary services markets – only over the air updates required.
  • Grid outage resilience with zero transfer time switching.