Create a fast charging infrastructure for your Electric Vehicle or equipment without spending on an network upgrade through our Energy Storage + EV charging solution

Our ESS + EV charging solution provides a simple and cost effective way to ultrafast charge large Electric vehicles and equipment without having to spend excessive amounts on electrical network upgrades. Ultra fast charging improves the productivity of your vehicle thereby improving the cost economics of owning an EV. The Our solution makes battery charging geolocation independent, thereby allowing you to install the system at the convenient place for your vehicle or equipment fleet.

Our ESS + EV solution is flexible in terms of the kind of equipment that we can charge and can range from 10’s of kW to MW scale. The solution comes in-built with AH’s EMS platform Elina which will provide grid services during idle hours to earn you more money. Contact our team to determine the best ESS size for your requirements.

Advantages of an energy storage system:

  • Ultrafast charging increasing productivity.
  • No electrical network upgrade needed.
  • Plug and play.
  • Seamless charging experience.