AmpereHour Energy was founded in 2017 by IIT Bombay alumni and power sector experts with a vision to create environmental and social impact through technological innovation in energy storage. We are creating solutions that we hope will enable the world to transition to 100% renewable energy.

As the world transitions to renewable energy, energy storage is becoming an increasingly critical part of the power value chain.The inherently unpredictable and intermittent nature of solar and wind energy, along with the mismatch in time of energy generation and consumption demands a buffer that can store and dispatch energy on demand.

On the generation side, energy storage is used to make intermittent renewable power more predictable and dispatchable. Transmission networks use storage to maintain grid stability by using storage interchangeably as a load or a source. For distribution networks, energy storage is used to manage peak loads and improve power quality at stressed nodes.

Behind the meter, energy storage is being used to optimize electricity bills through time of day energy arbitrage, peak shaving to reduce demand charges and power quality improvement. Grid ancillary services are also providing an additional revenue stream for such assets.

For off-grid locations or locations with frequent grid outages, renewables + storage is proving to be an excellent alternative to diesel generators - cleaner as well as more cost effective.

Founding Team

We are a team of passionate engineers, with over 5GW of energy project development experience, building world-class products in the energy storage space.

Rahul Shelke


Ayush Misra


Harshal Thakur


Neehar Jathar


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