Create mini-grids integrated with PV, storage, the grid and more to optimize your energy mix.

Whether you are on-grid or off-grid, integrating energy storage with PV and other energy sources can help you optimize your energy costs or minimize your carbon footprint.

Amperehour’s off-grid mini-grid solutions include a 3-phase or 1-phase core energy storage stack capable of both diesel generator as well as PV integration. The solution also includes energy cost minimization algorithms that can be tuned to your particular needs.
We have deployed multiple off-grid mini-grid solutions for rural electrification across UP, Bihar and Maharashtra.

For on-grid, behind the meter systems, we can either provide a complete optimized PV+ESS minigrid or an energy storage stack that can be retro-fitted on to existing PV systems to maximize PV utilization or adapt to changing net metering regulations.

Advantages of an energy storage system:

  • Reduce diesel energy consumption in off-grid mini-grids.
  • Maximize PV energy utilization in changing net metering regulations.
  • Go completely off-grid with PV+ESS.
  • Add on benefits such as demand charge reduction, power factor improvement