Rehatyakheda Village, Maharashtra, India


Off-grid PV + ESS mini-grid for 24 hour energy access

System size:

25kW / 86kWh



AHE provided an end-to-end hybrid (PV + ESS) minigrid solution for the village of Rehatyakheda, approximately 70 km from Amravati, the nearest town.

The village is home to over 80 families and has never had any access to electricity for the past 70 years.
AHE installed a 30 kWp PV plant, a 25 kW / 86 kWh, single phase Li-ion ESS, as well as set up the local transmission lines and metering system, empowering the villagers with 24 hour electricity access for the first time. In addition, AHE also installed 2 flour mills and 20 solar street lights in the village.

The project was funded by the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) and will be maintained by locals who have been trained in the operation of the ESS.

The PV+ESS system provides electricity from solar energy during the day and uses excess solar energy to charge the battery. During evenings and night, the battery is discharged to cater to the electrical load of the village. All load and generation data is logged and in the absence of any network communication capability, the system is capable of storing over 5 years of operational data locally.