Nashik, Maharashtra


Solar Maximization, Energy Shift, Diesel Reduction

System size:

200kW / 220kWh



Energy Storage System at Sula Vineyards, Nashik for Increasing Solar Energy Utilization and Reducing Diesel Consumption


AHE has successfully implemented a 200kW / 220kWh energy storage plant at Sula Vineyards, Nashik, with the aim of enhancing solar energy utilization and minimizing diesel consumption from diesel generators during grid outages. Notably, this project marked a pioneering venture in the vineyard sector, and has been replicated with Sula Vineyards in Karnataka as well.


The primary objective of installing the energy storage plant at Sula Vineyards was to maximize the utilization of solar energy while reducing the reliance on diesel generators. By implementing an energy storage solution, the vineyard sought to store excess solar energy during the day and use it during the peak tariff period in the evening. This approach aimed to optimize renewable energy usage, reduce operational costs, and minimize environmental impact.


The 200kW / 220kWh Li-ion energy storage system was installed and commissioned in February 2023. The plant was seamlessly integrated into the vineyard’s power grid, allowing for smooth transitions between solar power, energy storage, and diesel generators when required. Since its installation, the ESS has been cycled daily, typically charging during peak solar hours between 11AM to 2PM and discharging during outages or during peak tariff evening hours between 6PM to 10PM. Solar energy utilization has increased, diesel generator consumption has reduced and effective energy tariff has reduced. This has positively impacted Sula Vineyards’ operational costs, as well as reduced their carbon footprint.