Li-ion based energy storage for residential usage

The AH-RESI series is a set of intelligent Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) built using best-in-class Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cells, for maximum safety and longevity.
AH-RESI contains built-in inverters and MPPTs, allowing DC charging from solar power and AC charging from the grid, diesel generators or any other AC source.
The system is modular and easily expandable by adding power or energy modules in steps of 5kW / 5kWh, to create the system size of your choice.
With its compact design and “plug & play” architecture, AH-RESI is an ideal choice for residential and small commercial power backup applications.


  1. Compact, plug-and-play design
  2. Integrated MPPTs for DC solar charging
  3. Off-grid operation capability with solar
  4. Priority settable for grid, solar and battery
  5. Highly safe to use, compliant with NFPA and IEC 62933 standards
  6. Laser-welded LFP cells with >94% DC efficiency
  7. Long life of up to 6000 cycles
  8. Wall / Stand mounting options
  9. Inbuilt HMI to view system information
  10. Mobile app for remote monitoring